Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Church services have resumed at Sts. Constantine & Helen Church

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank God we are now able to serve divine liturgy in our church and will do so going forward. We have the air conditioning working and lights as well. It is so good to see everyone back at home in our church where we all belong. We will still have to wait another month or so before we can sand and repolish the church floor and then to add the carpet again. Unfortunately we cannot enjoy each others company for fellowship post liturgy as the hall is still in need of major repair. Nevertheless we will make sure that we will triumph over this tragedy. Great news friends our sister parish of the Greek Orthodox church will be able to save their icons from the iconostas after all. There were initial worries that this would not be the case but thanks to the Good Lord above and His divine providence they will be spared. The icons were painted in the period between 1931-1934. The icon of the Mystical Supper above the Royal Doors was painted in 1966 while the deacons doors with Sts. Archangel Michael and Gabriel were painted in 1977. They were carefully removed from the church yesterday and placed in storage with the help of Jim Kyritsis and Barnabas Powell from the IOCC Team under the supervision of Tony Speakman. The church has been able to be aired out and the majority of pews and carpets have been taken out as they were destroyed.

Enclosed are some pictures prior to the removal of the icons from the church in order to give us a better understanding of the devastating affects the waters did have on both the church and hall


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