Friday, May 1, 2009

Save Iva Milenkovic

Dear Friend,

My sister Iva Milenkovic is 27 years old and battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer called extra-skeletal osteosarcoma. Unfortunately, there are very few hospitals in the world that have the expertise necessary to treat these cancers. One of them is the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.
Being from a foreign country with no international insurance, Iva must cover all costs from personal funds. This is where we need your help. Your generosity can help save her life. Every dollar donated goes directly to covering Iva’s battle against cancer. Unfortunately, we do not have time to wait, so please donate now to help save Iva’s life. Thank you!

~ Zoran Milenkovic

How to Donate
The estimated cost of treatment for Iva is $250,000 over the next 9 months, averaging about $1000 per day. Please consider giving Iva a fighting chance by sponsoring a day of treatment.
To donate make checks payable to "Zoran Milenkovic" and send to the address below:
814 Island Meadow Court
Houston, Texas 77062
Or, to donate by credit card, visit our website

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Fr. Serge said...

Zoran Milenkovic is a parishioner of ours of Sts Constantine & Helen and always helps with the work around the church and hall. Iva has been afforded the chance to be treated in one of the best hospitals in the world that prevents cancer. Zoran's faith, love, and commitment will never stop and reminds us all of what a brother's love for his sister is all about. Dear Brothers and Sisters any help will be greatly appreciated.