Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Russian Television programme: Orthodoxy in America

Dear Friends,

On June 6th, 2009 we were very privileged to have with us all the way from Moscow Russia the official television crew under the direct blessing of His Holiness Patriarch KYRIL. Very Reverend Father Alexei Uminski who together with the able crew of "Orthodox Encyclopedia" made a journey/pilgrimage to the United States where they paid particular attention to the history of Orthodoxy in Texas. Although the video is entirely in Russian it nevertheless offers the viewers a glimpse of what our church looked liked during it's repair post Hurricane Ike (21:35). The programme itself runs for 25 minutes and is actually part 2. Father Alexei has visited many different continents in search of Orthodox communities to show the viewers of the largest Orthodox country in the world back home in Russia where and how the rest of Orthodox faithful live and practise their faith. Our own Mitchell Chuoke and Officer Steven Brewer make an appearance in the video.

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