Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blog Set Up to Share Information

This blog is created to help share information regarding the Orthodox faithful on Galveston island. As you've seen in the news, Galveston took a direct hit from Hurricane Ike and the devastation is far and wide. No one is being allowed onto the island and it is extremely difficult to get information from anyone still located on the island.

If you have heard from parishioners from the following churches, please post information regarding their status:

Sts. Constantine & Helen Serbian Orthodox Church
4109 Avenue L
Galveston, TX 77552

Holy Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
1824 Ball
Galveston, TX 77550


Valerie said...

Hello Father!
I have been in touch with Pete, Georgette & Mary before and after the storm. I spoke with Mark Popovich prior to the storm. Everyone is safe, thank God. I pray that there isn't any damage to our church.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr. Srdjan,
I hope everyone is well. I am in NW Houston at a friends with power again. Waiting on permission to return. The railroad museum site has photos of the museum and of the flight museum.

Elise said...

здразбусте. Daddy went down and took some pictures of the church, from what I have been told it looks fine. The water line is only at the first or second step. As for the cemetery, I am not too sure, they did not make it down 61st. As soon as I get an email from them giving me some more info, I will send it to you.

All my loves for everyone.