Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on Parishioners & Friends

Here is a list of the following parishioners/friends I have heard from thus far:

Sveto & Angela Andrich
Allison Baker
Sandra Bartosh & Family
Leslie Canatella
Tom Colyandro
Fr David & Presbytera Eckley
Joby & Colleen Erickson
Celina Guyewski
James & Pat Callahan w/children
Branko Gligoric & Family
Slavica (Silvia) Hallum & Family
Alex & Monica Heckner
Gordan & Mileva Heckner
John (Ilija) & Nataliya Hryshecko
Lister Family
Bernice Kovacevich
Eleanor Kovacevich & Family
John & Cindy Kovacevich
Natalija & Danica Kovacevich
Pete Kovacevich & Family
Larry & Taki Kriticos (Olympia Grill) & Family
Getrude (Baba Goya) Popovich & Family
Danilo (Danny) Popovich & Family
Elizabeth (Betty) & Marko Markovich & Family
Bobana Matic
Dana & Nenad Mirkovich
Elizabeth Mitich
Elaine Mitrovich
Mimo Milosevich
Ilija Milovanovic
Valentina Novakovich
John & Sharon Powell & Family
Bethany Powell
Vida Rector & Family
Alex Savic
John & Lisa Stanish
Raul (Ralph) & Joanne Valencia & Family
Stephanie (Caravageli) & Brent Vasut


Fr. Serge said...

I have also heard from the following church family:

Angie Brannen
Brett Brannen & Family
Mildred Forrest & Family
Aleksandar & Irena Milosavljevich & Family
Jim & Vikki Keys
Al & Jennie Redman
Carl Northcutt, who took a tough beating in LaPorte
Anthony (Tony) Speakman & Family
Rich & Mary Gustafson
Kent & Olga Trammel & Family
and of course Stephen Duncan

Fr. Serge said...

Lauren Schulman & Family
Jasna & Michael Schooley
Branko & Buba Puskac with Family
Nada & Grant Griuneich
Patrick & Rosemary McCullar & Family

OTrammel said...

Fr. Serge,

Thank you for posting information on the Church and members. You've been in my prayers throughout.

Over the next days, weeks and months please reach out for any assistance needed for the Galveston Church and it's families.

We can accomodate folks at our home in The Woodlands as can Michelle Ostis from the Chorale and she asked me to let you know.

Olga Trammel