Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update Regarding Churches

We have just received information from Leroy Naschke, president of The Assumption Greek Orthodox Church on Ball Street, that the Greek church did take in some water. He will going by there today to reassess the damage.

Sts. Constantine & Helen Serbian Orthodox Church is in good condition, from the outside there doesn't seem to be any damage to either the church or the hall.

Leroy remains on the island and will contacting Fr. Serge in approximately 2 hours with another update.


Fr. James Early said...

Fr. Serge,

I am very concerned about both of the churches in Galveston, and both you, the faithful, and the church buildings are in my prayers. The reports we are getting from the news is that pretty much the entire city is devastated.

Mim B. said...

Dear Fr. Serge,

So glad to hear that so far the Sts. Helen and Constantine Church has escaped big damage.

Please know that the thoughts and prayers of ALL of the people from the Greater Pittsburgh vicinity have been with all of you hit by Hurricane IKE.

Prayers were also sent your way from Illinois friends, too, as we had the Branko Radichevich Choir from Chicago as guests here in the Aliquippa, PA area this past weekend. They were also praying for all our people in Galveston and Houston. Some "Brankies" learned by text messaging that they would be going home to 8-10" flooded basements.

Ike's wrath was felt as far as up here! We lost several pear trees in our neighborhood that lined our subdivision. Power is still out to over 100,000 people here in the Pittsburgh area. My scheduled eye appointment in Sewickley had to be in Beaver, PA because of lack of power. Traveling the 1/2 hour there, I saw devastation everywhere. One ENORMOUS oak tree fell directly in the middle of a house in Beaver just a few blocks away from the doctor's office, so I can just imagine the nightmare of Galveston and Houston.

Please know that the Midland, PA priest, Fr. Milan Pajic, was also worried about you all, remembering how horrible Hurricane Ivan was. "Before Fr. Serge left, he made sure he took all the important church things out with him," Fr. Pajic said. "I'm sure he will be safe," he tried to allay our fears.

I was there in Midland this past Sunday afternoon for the Baptism of two beautiful young ladies originally from Bosnia who have distinguished themselves these past 10 years academically while living in Erie, PA, to the delight of all of us. That they chose on their OWN to be baptized into Christ made our hearts thump with joy.

However, later that night, Midland, PA wasn't spared Ike's wrath either. Today the area is still without electricity and water, but hopefully, that will be rectified soon. Daj Bozje.

Once again, God bless and keep all of you safe. Thank God Nick/family are safe and sound too.

Mim Bizic, Moon Township (Pittsburgh, PA)

Anonymous said...

Fr. Serge:

Good to hear about the church. We've been thinking about you guys down there and praying for you.

I'll put this blog on the serborth website.

Fr. Milovan

MariaJoanna said...

Thanks, Fr. Serge for setting up the blogspot. It really helps to have open lines of communication. I have been watching internet programming on myfoxhoustonlive.com. I saw Mary Jo, LeRoy's wife on the press conferences. Our hearts go out to everyone in Galveston and the Houston area.

Jennifer said...

Branko is headed down to the island now at the request of the Port of Galveston. I am thinking they need him and the other engineers to help assess damage to the port as rebuilding will be dependent too on getting ship traffic and supplies in as well. I know his first stop after our house will be to go by the church. We believe that our house escaped major damage; however my mother's is gone. At least everyone is physically safe.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has lost loved ones.

Leslie talked to Beth and she stayed in her beach home and they are fine.


leecannatella said...

God spared Beth and her home, and I was absolutely all smiles when she told me all was clear! The last thing I could imagine is losing my God-mother, or for her to face sadness in all of this. I hope that most of us made it through this, and as I pointed out earlier, in the direction of Fr.Srdjan's hand and the LORD's movement of our hearts, we will all band together and support those in need. My favorite story in the Bible is that of the widows last coin. She gave her last dime (as some of us may have given all that we have at this moment) but in the end, her sacrifice was noticed by GOD, just as he sees our sacrifices now. There is no amount too much or too little in service of our church and fellow man at this moment.

GOD speaks, sit still and listen ;o)


Andrew said...

I'm so glad to hear that the building is ok. I'll be checking back as things unfold.

Fr. Dragoljub Popovich said...

Dear Father Serge,

After so many failed attempts to reach yuo by phone, I am so relived to hear that you and your family are OK and that the Church and hall didn't suffer damage. Hope and pray that this is the case with your parishioners as well.

Please know that you all were in our thoughts and prayers throughout this ordeal.

May the Lord and our God provide you with the needed strength so you can continue to lead your entrusted flock ... "through the sea of life surging high and deliver them to the tranquil heaven..."

Should you need any help in any possible way please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fr. Dragoljub Popovich

Michelle Anna Ostis said...

Orthodox Brothers and Sisters,

If any of you are facing homelessness, we have empty bedrooms up here in The Woodlands - complete with newly restored power! (just when I was finally learning not to flick the light switch as I entered a room). We do have a concrete slab for a living room and meandering pathways through displaced furniture (those pesky flood-waters), but that will change evenutally. Your rooms are upstairs and stayed high and dry.
There are good schools up here, if you've got children.

We've left contact information with Father Serge and can also be reached through Olga and Kent Trammel. My husband and I sing, along with them, in the Saint Romanos Pan-Orthodox Chorale. (Although I'm sorry to say that we missed singing at the recent anniversary Feast Day Liturgy - we were off in Massachusetts celebrating an 80th birthday.) We'll just have to direct our hearts toward the goal of visiting a newly polished and shining St.'s Constantine and Helen, and Assumption, after we've all come through this mess.

Yours in Christ,
Michelle Anna Ostis, Spencer Burton
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
Orthodox Church, The Woodlands